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Уменьшение обьема системы на 7мБ
Platform: Windows 95
 Look in your c:\Windows\Help folder for .AVI files. You could have as much as
7MB of .AVI tutorials left over. Unless you are using Windows 95 for the first
time, you don't need them.

Удаление программы из Add/Remove programs таблицы
 Platform: Windows 95/98/NT
 This explains how to remove those annoying entries in the Add/Remove programs
list. I commonly delete the folder from the directory and I am left with a
non-removable entry in the Add/Remove programs list. 
1. From the Start button, run Regedit 
3. select Software 4. select Microsoft
5. select Windows 
6. select Current Version 
7. select Uninstall This will give you a list of all the programs in your
Add/Remove programs list. Highlight the file and select delete.  This will
remove the entry from the list.

Утилита Secure-It позволяет зашифровать каталоги и файлы
 Platform: Windows 95/98/NT
 Looking for added security? Secure-iT, which is available for download at
www.windows95.com, offers easy file encryption for files and folders.

Предотвращение загрузки программ из Startup меню при запуске Windows
Platform: Windows 95/98/NT
 Hold down the CTRL key while entering Windows. This will keep items in the
Startup folder from launching.

		Повышение производительности системы
Platform: Windows 95
 Goto Control Panel - System Tab - File system - change the Typical Role of the
Machine to Network server, then apply changes. Instead of rebooting your PC,
run Regedit and goto to this key,
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\CurrentVersion\FS Templates\Server\. Edit
the Namecache and pathcache to these binary values: NameCache - a9 0a 00 00
PathCache - 40 00 00 00. These values are actually reversed before you edit the
changes. Exit Regedit and reboot.

Замена картинки, высвечиваемой при старте Windows
Platform: Windows 95
 Change the information + logo displayed by right clicking my computer,
properties. With preinstalled Windows systems. There are 2 files located in the
Windows system directory called OEMLOGO.BMP and OEMINFO.INI The text in
OEMINFO.INI can be changed with any text editor. The Bitmap file OEMLOGO.BMP
can be created with paint. If you make it an 16 bit bitmap then a white
background color will be made transparent. If you don't have these files you
can create your own here is an example for the OEMINFO.INI [general]
Manufacturer=MY-BRAND Model=FAST ; [OEMSpecific] ; SubModel= ; SerialNo= ;
OEM1= ; OEM2= [Support Information] Line1=If you have problems : Line2=Don't
call me The OEMLOGO.BMP must be created with an image program.

Изменение имени владельца и организации
Platform: Windows 95
 But, did you mis-enter your name/org. or do you want to change them? You can
(easily) by 
1) Click Start -> 'RUN' -> Regedit.exe 
2) Expand the'HKEY_LOCAL_MECHINE' branch 
3) Expand the 'SOFTWARE' branch 
4) Expand the 'Microsoft' branch 
5) Expand the 'Windows' branch 
6) Expand the 'CurrentVersiob' branch 
7) Locate RegisteredOwner'/'RegisteredOrgi...' double click the one you wish to
change, and type in the new value.
8) Done - goto 'my computer' -> PROPERTIES to see the result of your changes.

Изменение application file type для данного расширения файла
Platform: Windows 95/98/NT
 To change the default application of a file type, simply select the file, hold
down SHIFT, and click the right mouse button. Select Open With, and choose the
program you want to use for this file type.  Select 'Always use this program to
open this type of file' at the bottom of the dialog box.

Запуск Win95 с использованием Program manager-a для Win3.X
 Platform: Windows 95
 In your Windows directory there is a file called system.ini, which is system
file. The first line in Win95 reads as shell=explorer.exe, which tells the
computer to use a Win95 interface. If you are a person who prefers Win3.x
interface over the new one, simply change the line until it reads as follows,
under you system.ini file, the first line should read shell=progman.exe, and
the next time you start Windows you will have the familiar Win3.x interface.

Освобождение оперативной памяти за счет ограничения размера cach для диска
Platform: Windows 95
 Windows 95 does not use Smartdrive to cache the hard drives in your system.
Instead, it uses 32bitVCache that dynamically grows and shrinks as the need
arises (not to be confused with Swapfile, which operates in a similar manner).
If you have more than 32MB of physical memory, VCache may be using more memory
than it can efficiently manage. You can limit the maximum amount of physical
memory VCache uses by adding the following lines to the System.ini file
(instead of the Registry - go figure!):[vcache] MinFileCache=512
MaxFileCache=2048. The above values are in Kbytes. Feel free to experiment, but
you must have a value greater than 0 for the MinFileCache value. By limiting
the VCache in this manner, you will experience improved system performance.

Требуемое соотношение между ОЗУ и disk free space для устойчивой работы
Platform: Windows 95
 To help avoid crashes, make sure that you have twice as much hard drive space
available as you have RAM. For example, a system with 16MB of RAM should have
32MB of hard drive space available.

Замена мышки на управление при помощи arrow keys клавиатуры
Platform: Windows 95
 If your mouse goes out, its very hard to maneuver around Windows 95. You can
only get to a certain point when trying to select things without the mouse. You
have always heard that if your mouse goes out, you can change the accessibility
option from the control panel to use the arrow keys on the numeric keypad to
move the mouse around. Well, you can only do this if you have thought about it
beforehand. You need to go to control panel, click accessibility options,
choose the mouse tab (this is where you lose control if you have no mouse, no
way to choose the mouse tab without the mouse.  Click on settings, then click
the box that says 'use shortcut'. Now, if your mouse goes out, you can press
the left ALT+Shift keys with the number lock key, and then you can use the
arrow keys on the numeric keypad to move the mouse. (the 5 in the center of the
pad is the same as a click)

Удаление копий документов, с которыми производилась работа ранее
Platform: Windows 95
 To disable the recent documents, create the following batch file :
c:\cleanup.bat. This file should contain the following lines : C:\ CD/ CD
WINDOWS CD RECENT DEL *.LNK Now modify the autoexec.bat and add the following
line onto the end of the file : CALL C:\CLEANUP.BAT. Now every time you bootup
and go into Windows the documents should be empty.

Запуск DOSa при старте, переход в DOS после выхода из Windows
Platform: Windows 95
 Okay, didn't see this one on the list so here goes. Edit your MSDOS.SYS to
show BOOTGUI=0. From here on you will not go automatically to Windows on
bootup. You may modify your autoexec.bat to contain a line saying 'WIN' to take
you to Windows on bootup. Now, when you shutdown from Windows95 and it is SAFE
TO SHUTDOWN YOUR COMPUTER type 'mode co80'. Your screen will then show you the
DOS prompt. Just as if you booted to the command prompt.

Утилита ERU, сохраняющая самую важную инф-ю о системе
Platform: Windows 95
 The Microsoft Windows 95 Emergency Recovery Utility (ERU) is designed to
provide a backup of your system configuration in case a problem should occur.
Microsoft recommends that you use the utility to create a backup each time you
make any significant system changes, such as adding new hardware or software.
(Quoted from the readme file in the 'Eru' folder on the Windows95 CDROM). On
the Windows 95 CDROM open the folder labeled 'Other', then open the 'Misc'
folder. Then Drag the folder 'Eru' to your root DIR on your HDD, so you have a
folder with the following path statement C:\eru. To run 'Eru' and thus back up
your system files: 1) Right click on your 'Start Button'. 2) Right Click on run
(Or use 'My Computer' etc.) 3) Type with out the quotes 'C:\eru\eru. 4) Now
just follow the directions as the dialogue boxes appear.

Каталог WINDOWS\TEMP должен быть пустым
Platform: Windows 95
 Emptying the \Windows\Temp folder of all its contents then running a Scandisk
and Defrag can cure a lot of intermittent and annoying problems and also speed
your system response up. This folder is supposed to be emptyied whenever you
shut down your computer, but if you don't shut it down or there are other than
'.tmp' Files or folders in there, then they will not be removed. This can cause
boot problems, system lockups and shutdown hangups. These files also take up
space that could be better used for other things.

Комадный файл для уничтожения временных файлов (см. выше)
Platform: Windows 95
 First, make a batch file (.bat) file in your windows/folder directory. Then,
type the following lines in: 
REM Begin Here echo y
del \windows\tempor~1\cache1\*.* 
echo y
del \windows\tempor~1\cache2\*.* 
echo y
del \windows\tempor~1\cache3\*.* 
echo y 
del \windows\tempor~1\cache4\*.* 
REM End Here 
The path and file extensions can be customized to whatever you want.
This will empty the folders specified.

Восстановление испорченного регистра
Platform: Windows 95
 If Windows95 gives you the dreaded 'Your registry is corrupt' message, DO NOT
PACNIC! Instead, reboot the computer. When you see 'Starting Windows 95', push
the 'F8' key. Choose 'Safe mode command prompt only' from the menu. You will
quickly get a 'C:\>' prompt. Change to your Windows directory and type 'regedit
/e savebutt.reg' It will say 'exporting file'. eventually it will stop with an
error message. After this, type 'attrib system.dat -r -s -h'. Then type 'ren
system.dat system.old'. Lastly you need to type 'regedit /c savebutt.reg'.
These commands will pull only the undamaged sections from your old registry and
make a new one based on these. If it fails, reinstall Windows. If it works,
some of your programs may no longer function. Reinstall them.

Дублирование дисков в My Computer - решение проблемы
 Platform: Windows 95
  Win95, Service Release 2 (OSR-2) on all new computers has a known problem of
loading duplicate device drivers in Win95. If you're getting strange GPFs, etc.
and Scandisk, deleting .tmp (temp) files, and Defrag do not solve the problem,
go into Windows Safe Mode (hit F5 at Startup). Go into Device Manager (in
System-Control Panel) and go through each device listed. If any duplicates are
found, delete both devices. Win95 will redetect at startup. This will clear up
a lot of problems. If you're having strange problems with a older release of
Win95, checking for duplicates will sometimes solve the problem.

Удаление иконки ВХОДЯЩИЕ (Inbox) на Decktop
Platform: Windows 95
 If you don't use inbox, there is a way to delete it. Run the Registry Editor
SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\explorer\ Desktop\NameSpace\ Look for
the key 00020D75-0000-0000-C000-000000000046, that has a default value of
Inbox. Delete the entire key (not just the default value), and close the
Registry Editor. Click on the desktop, and press F5 to refresh the desktop so
that this change will take effect.

Решение проблемы запоминания пароля в Dial-UP Networking
 Platform: Windows 95
 In the no-Password mode, the dial-up networking is unable to save the password
and remember it. You can get around this by going to settings, control panel
and then to passwords. Then, set it so that you can personalise the desktop.
Now, when you shut down windows, there will be another option, Log on as
another user. In this mode, you will be able to remember Passwords, so the
Dial-up networking will be rememberd. Enter your password in and save password.
Once it's been saved, go back to Passwords and change the configuration to
anyone can use the same settings of the desktop, and don't use any password at
all. Windows will now switch back to the normal mode, but somehow, the Dial-up
networking save password is unchanged. So, your password is now saved and you
won't have to type it in again.

При переустановке Windows не подхватываются драйверы - решение
Platform: Windows 95
 When installing Windows 95 either fresh or over an existing version of Windows
it is likely that some hardware will not be detected right the first time.
Before going to the Add New Hardware Wizard check the Other Devices listing in
System Properties. To do this, right click on My Computer then left click on
Properties. Next left click on the Device Manger Tab and then left click again
on the + next to Other Devices. If your unfound device is listed here then
simply pull up the properties by highlighting the device and clicking on the
Properties button then on the Drivers tab and then on Change Driver. Just
choose the correct drivers from the list that is presented or click on Have
Disk to use drivers provided by the hardware manufacturer.

Где искать программы, если они запускаются, но их нет в АВТОЗАГРУЗКЕ
Platform: Windows 95/98/NT
 Having problems trying to find those programs that load but are not in your
startup folder? Try looking in the registry. Run Regedit and look in
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, Software, Microsoft, Windows, Current Version, Run or Run
service. This is where things like system agent, NetMeeting, the active movie
check and other such things hang out.

Недокументированный запуск exe & COM файлов при перед стартом Windows
Platform: Windows 95/98/NT
 How many of you may want to run special commands in your system_s boot
sequence, and you are afraid to put them in the Autoexec.bat, because your end
users might alter them. Any end user with a good working knowledge of Windows
Explorer can alter your startup files (Autoexec.bat, config.sys) even if you
mark them read only, or hiden. Fortunately, there is an undocumented secret tha
you can take advantage of ot protect your startup sequence. The last task
Io.sys performs, after running Config.sys and Autoexec.bat, during boot-up is
to load Windows 95 by executing Win.com command.  Here is the catch! You can
create a Win.bat file in the root directory and store special commands you
would normaly include in Autoexec.bat. Since batch files take precedence over
command files, windows will load Win.bat instead of Win.com. Once you add your
special commands, at the end add the Win.com command to load Windows 95 upon
completion. IMPORTAND, do not forget to include the .COM extension or the batch
file will enter an infinite loop. Then simple mark it read only and hiden.

Замена иконок на стандартные
     Platform: Windows 95
 If your Icons look odd/diffrent/wrong delete a file called ShellIconCache,
which is in the Windows directory. When you restart the computer, the icons
will be back to normal.

Освобождение дополнительной пямяти при запуске DOS из под Windows
Platform: Windows 95
 Go to Start and click on Run. Type 'sysedit' in the box and click on OK. Under
[386Enh] in the file System.ini add the following line: LocalLoadHigh=1 Exit
sysedit, saving your work, and restart Windows.

Ускорение скорости набора номера модемом
Platform: Windows 95/98/NT
 If you would like your modem to dial your ISP Faster Do the Following:
Double-Click on the Modems item in the Control Panel and then click on the
properties button. Open the Connections tab and click on the advanced button.
Enter s11=50 in the extra settings feild. 50 (milliseconds) is the new speed,
the lower the faster, some modems may not go that fast, but if you enter a
number too low it will use the default fastest setting.

Установление частоты смены кадров монитора вручную
Platform: Windows 95
 1. To manually set the monitor refresh rate, you must use the utilitiy
Regedit. Click on the + to expand each folder in this order: 
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE-> System -> CurrentControlSet -> Services 
        -> Class -> Display -> 0000 -> DEFAULT 
2. Right Click on the right pane of the Registry Editor, and click on
'String Value'. 
3. Enter the name 'RefreshRate' 
4. Double-click on RefreshRate and enter the value -1 for 
   automatic rate settings, or a number specific to the
   refresh rate. (i.e. 75 or so, refer to your video card or monitor 
	documentation for information on refresh rates.) Click OK and 
	then restart Windows.

Ускорение работы CDROM-a
Platform: Windows 95
 To optimize the access time for your CD-ROM drive open the control panel and
double click the System icon. Choose the Performance tab and click on the File
System button. Choose the CD-ROM tab. Where it says 'optimize access pattern
for' No Read-ahead will probably be chosen. Choose the speed of your CD-ROM
drive instead and click the OK button.

Запуск FDISK для FAT32 с размером partition менее 512MB
Platform: Windows 95
 Fdisk /fprmt will allow you to put FAT32 on a partition smaller than 512MB.
Format {Partitionletter]:/z:n where n is a number 1, 2, 3, 4 will give you
512byte, 1k, or 2k clusters depending on the value of n and the size of the
partition. On a 540MB partition n=1 will give you 512byte clusters.

Удаление информации о паролях
Platform: Windows 95/98/NT
 To delete your password information, find the .PWL file in the Windows
directory with your username in it (such as STEVEJ.PWL). Delete it and restart

Проверка причины замедления старта (работы) машины
Platform: Windows 95
 If you want your computer to start up a little faster, simply hold down the
Shift key as Windows loads.  This will prevent the applications in the StartUp
folder from loading.

Platform: Windows 95
 If you have selected the shutdown command and are already viewing the 'You may
shut down your computer' screen, type 'win' then press ENTER to restart your

Увеличение обьема эффективной памяти 
Platform: Windows 95
 In the your Windows directory, edit the system.ini file and create a header
that says '[VCache]' (no quotes) and under it put MinFileCache=0 and
MaxFileCache=X. X being what you want the Maximum disk cache to be, in the form
2000 for 2 megs etc.. I recommend 2 megs memory if you have 8-16 megs. and 4
megs if you have over 16 megs. This prevents unneeded disk swapping, because
when your using most of your memory for your disk cache (default with
Windows95), your using your swap file almost right away.

Если ОЗУ больше 32МБ
 Click the Start button, then Settings, then, Control Panel. In the Control
Panel, click on the System Icon. Once in System, select the Performance tab.
Click on the File System button. Change the machine role to Network Server.
This will drastically enhances the use of upper memory especially in machines
with more than 32MB of RAM.

Эффективное использование памяти
Platform: Windows 95
 Speed up Windows by reducing the amount of time it fools around with virtual
memory. Go to Start, Settings, and click on Control Panel. Double click on
System. Note the amount of RAM in your computer. This can be found on the
General tab. Click on the Performance tab and then on the Virtual Memory
button. Windows 95 runs optimally with 16 megs of RAM. If you have 16 megs or
more click on 'Let me specify my own virtual memory settings:'. Put a zero in
the minimum box. Put the amount of RAM you have in the Maximum box. For
instance, if I have 32MB of RAM, I would put '32' in the Maximum box. For those
with less than 16MB, you can speed up your machine by specifying 2 1/2 times
your RAM in the Maximum box (8MB would be 20MB). Click on OK. When the warning
is displayed click on YES. Click on OK and then OK again to restart your

Ускорение загрузки
 Platform: Windows 95
 To speed up the launch of win95, you have to edit your msDOS.sys in c:\.
change the attributes ( attrib -s -h -r) then make a copy of the file, calling
it ie msdos.syd. open notepad, display all files then add the following under
the [options] Logo=0 Bootdelay=0 this makes windows booting without the screen
and boot without delay.

Оптимизации области SWAP-инга
Platform: Windows 95
 You can speed up the performance of you machine by specifying a minimum swap
file size. Go to Control Panel/System (or Alt-double click on the 'My Computer'
icon), then go to the Performance tab and click the 'Virtual Memory...' button.
Click the 'Let me specify my own virtual memory settings.' radio button. Set
the 'Minimum' field to 1 1/2 times the physical RAM in your system (if you have
16MB, set it to 24). Click 'Ok' and ok all the warnings (this is not as
dangerous as Microsoft would have you believe). This will prevent the virtual
memory system from having to allocate pages as soon as you start up; it already
has as many pages allocated as it is likely to use. If you want to ensure that
your swap file is always defragmented, defragment your drive before changing
the settings above; then, after setting the minimum size to 2 times physical
RAM (or more if you have the disk space to spare), set the 'Maximum' to the
same figure. This is equivalent to using the 'Permanent Swap File' option in
Windows 3.X. Note that the sizes recommended here are minimums. If you have
plenty of disk space, you are unlikely to hurt anything by allocating more to
virtual memory. This tip will also prevent you from running out of disk space
unexpectedly when your virtual memory 'swap file' grows while you are working.

Удаление 'ненужных файлов'
Platform: Windows 95/98/NT
 Time for a little hard drive Spring cleaning. First, close down all your
running applications. Then, do a search (using Find) for these kinds of files:
GID FTS BAK ~MP TMP Once you've found them, you can delete them. If you're
feeling saucy, you can remove CNT files, too (they're the Table of Contents
data for some HLP files). While you're cleaning house, you should open up your
Temp folder and get rid of the schtuff that's piled up in there.

Печать инф-ии о системе
Platform: Windows 95/98/NT
 It is a good idea to get your system information on paper incase you ever have
a computer problem where you need to refer to this. Right click on the My
Computer icon and select Properties from the context menu. Click on the Device
Manager tab, then the Print button. Select the 'All devices and system summary'
button, then click on OK. This will give you a print out of information about
your hardware, IRQ's, ports, memory usage, devices and drivers.

Программу SETVER.EXE можно удалить из CONFIG.SYS
Platform: Windows 95
 Do you remember your old DOS/WIN31x configuration? I bet that you spent hours
with changing your CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC:BAT files. Everyone of us tried to
get more conventional memory. Now do you remember which 'tool' was erased
first? Right! SETVER.EXE! No one needed this program.  Now, why do you load
SETVER.EXE every time you start Windows95? To save precious memory you have to
prevent WIndows95 from loading SETVER.EXE. The SETVER.EXE file is located in
the \WINDOWS directory. Just rename the file to something like SETVER.W95 and
Windows won't load the program again. If there comes the day that you need this
program just rename it again.

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